CO2 Monitor - CM 1102

Calibration-less CO2 monitor, using CM 1102 sensor

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Why advanced CO2 Sensors?

Most commercially available CO2 Monitors need to see fresh air each few days in order to perform internal calibration. In the majority of use cases this is no problem as a house or office that is unoccupied for 4-5 hours equates it's CO2 with the outside levels. Yet there are use-cases where this cannot be granted or customers simply want more precise measurement, and this is where more advanced a CO2 Monitor are required.

Cubic CM 1102

I offer 2 sensors that do not require calibration. This listing is for the Cubic CM 1102. This is a mature product with high-precision. Since it emits more heat and is a bit bigger than the CDM 7160, i do not offer upgrades with Dust Sensor and Temperature Sensors.


The available upgrades are:
  • 315/433 Mhz - A RF sender module is included to broadcast sensor readings
  • Temperature / Humidity / Pressure - Measure ambient conditions. In this case the device enclosure is 4 cm wider to accommodate the temperature sensor and add buffer space so that the readings are not affected by the warmth emitted by the CO2 Sensor


As part of my HA (Home Automation) Line, this device is targeted primarily to scenarios involving Home Automation and Online Monitoring. It can be configured to send the readings in various ways over Wifi:
  • Custom URL - This can point to your HA system or to some Public online Service.
  • MQTT 
  • Predefined Online Services - Pre-defined integration with Thingspeak, IFTTT, Ubidots and
  • Predefined HA Systems - Integration with OpenHAB, Domotica and Domoticz

There is also an optional 433 / 315 Mhz connectivity, where the data is sent over some standard protocol

After spending couple of years in the CO2 measurement field i've worked with quite a few manufacturers, so i can offer few different options with different pros/cons. The table below compares the core attributes of each sensor
CDM 7160 CM 1102 CM 1106
Base Price 75 eur 70 eur 60 eur
Range 300-5000 400-5000 (10,000) 400-5000
Resolution 1 ppm 10 ppm 1 ppm
Precision +/-80ppm @ 1000ppm
+/-110ppm @ 2000ppm
+- (50ppm + 3% of reading)
+/- 60ppm @ 1000ppm
+/- 80ppm @ 2000 ppm
+/- (40 ppm +2% of reading
+/- 100ppm @ 1000ppm
+/- 150ppm @ 2000 ppm
+/- (40 ppm +2% of reading)
Calibration pre-calibrated pre-calibrated lowest co2 each 3 days
Power ~ 8 ma ~ 70 ma ~ 70 ma
Temp/Humidity + 2 eur +4 eur n/a
Temp/Humidity/Pressure + 6 eur +8 eur n/a
315/433 mhz transmitter + 7 eur + 7 eur n/a
Dust Sensor + 25 eur (1) n/a n/a

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