vThings - CO2 Monitor (Wifi + NDIR) for Home Automation


Please use the vThings - CO2 Monitor v3 item to customize and order your device

Note: There is also an advanced version available (currently being crowdfunded): vThings - CO2 Monitor - Dual Beam
The difference is that the new one does not need to see fresh air each few days (as most of the other commercially available CO2 Sensors), so it can be used also in rooms that do not get ventilated too often. Price during the crowdfunding campaign is 70 eur

For detailed description and use case, have a look on the description of the vAir - CO2 Monitor.

This device differs from the vAir - CO2 Monitor in a way that it comes by default with the advanced NDIR Sensor and Wifi connectivity. It does not have LEDs or OLED Display options. And thus - is available at a lower price, for those that do not need these features.

There is one Button (with function yet to be defined)
And a status led (that eventually will be configurable to emit different color based on CO2 concentration)

It is configurable via USB cable in the same way as the vAir - CO2 Monitor

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