Laser Dust Sensor - Cubic PM2005 (PM2.5 + PM10)

A very precise Laser Dust sensor
Will Ship after 1.March. Awaiting Delivery

The PM2005 sensor is a very precise Laser Dust sensor that measures PM2.5 and PM10 particles. Key features
  • Power Consumption - 5V, ~ 30ma if measuring continuously. Less if measurements are done less frequently. 
  • Communication - I2C and UART
  • Connection - a 0.05" cable is provided
Note: to operate correctly Dust Sensors employ small fans to aid in air circulation. In low-noise environments - e.g. bedroom during night - this can be a bit annoying. The sensor firmware allows to control this by reducing the measurement interval to once each hour or less (or more often).
In the vESPrino firmware this is also bundled with a dedicated Quiet mode, that can be configured for specific hours of the day

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