vThings - Wi-Fi Thermometer

Low cost USB-Powered Wi-Fi Temperature Meter that integrates easily via HTTP or MQTT

I will take some vacation for 2 weeks, so I will assemble and ship all orders in the first week of Februray

This tiny Temperature Sensor allows you to remotely track Temperature, Humidity(opt) and Pressure (opt). It is powered with 5V Micro USB Plug (sorry, no battery yet).
It uses the popular vESPrino Firmware which allows to integrate neatly with any Home Automation System or Online Service via HTTP or MQTT.

Size is about 15 x 2.7 x 1 cm (Length, Width, Height).
It was initially smaller, yet due to heat from the Wifi module influencing the results, i had to increase the box length

It comes with three options
  • Temperature / Pressure (BMP180) (default)
  • Temperature / Humidity (SI7021)
  • Temperature / Humidity / Pressure  (BME280)

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