vThings - Air Quality Monitor v3 (ship after 1.August)

Lot's of customization options - CO2, Dust, Temperature, Humidity, Pressure.

Due to very limited free time, i am not able to assemble any more units.
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The "vThings - CO2 Monitor R3" is the third and most advanced (till now) incarnation of my initial "vAir - CO2 Monitor" from 2014. Lot's of customer feedback and usecases have been collected and applied to both the hardware and software parts of the device. With all the available upgrades - this becomes one of the most customizable and advanced CO2 Monitors in the market as of 2016.


  • CO2 Sensor Upgrades
    • The default CM1106 NDIR Sensor 3-day auto-calibration period and good accuracy < ±(50ppm+5% reading) can be upgraded to:
      • CM1102 - Calibration-free, with best accuracy < ±(40 ppm+2% of reading)
      • CDM7160 - Calibration-free, < 10ma Power Consumption, with better accuracy < ±(50 ppm+3% of reading)
  • Additional Sensor Upgrades
    • Dust - PM 2.5 and PM 10
    • Temperature
    • Humidity
    • Pressure
  • Additional Connectivity Options
    • RF 315/433 MHz - also integrated in the latest firmwares of RFXCom devices
  • Highly hackable and Customizable Firmware
    • Most of the popular Online IoT services and Home Automation servers are natively supported
    • Apple HomeKit via Homebridge (planned)
    • Custom HTTP and MQTT connectivity for advanced configuration
    • Easy Configuration via Serial Port and Chrome App or via Wi-Fi (planned)
    • Automatic and Manual Over-The-Air updates of the firmware
  • Open Source and Open Hardware
    • Every part is open and can be improved and extended by the community
    • The hardware design is future proof - that means:
      • You can easily upgrade your existing device by buying upgrade parts from me or other sites
      • Should i release an improved version (e.g. Bluetooth support, Battery or other sensors) it is very easy to upgrade your existing device to this (as the CO2 and Dust sensors are in fact the most expensive parts)

CO2 Sensors Feature Comparison

After spending couple of years in the CO2 measurement field i've worked with quite a few manufacturers, so i can offer few different options with different pros/cons. The table below compares the core attributes of each sensor
CDM 7160CM 1102CM 1106
Base Price75 eur70 eur60 eur
Range300-10,000400-5000 (10,000)400-5000
Resolution1 ppm10 ppm1 ppm
Precision+/-80ppm @ 1000ppm
+/-110ppm @ 2000ppm
+- (50ppm + 3% of reading)
+/- 60ppm @ 1000ppm
+/- 80ppm @ 2000 ppm
+/- (40 ppm +2% of reading
+/- 100ppm @ 1000ppm
+/- 150ppm @ 2000 ppm
+/- (50 ppm +5% of reading)
Calibrationpre-calibratedpre-calibratedlowest co2 each 3 days
Power~ 8 ma~ 70 ma~ 70 ma
315/433 mhz transmitteryesyesyes
Dust Sensoryes-yes

Note: The devices come in two different shapes, depending on the features you chose, due to the power consumption of the CM1106, CM1102 and the Dust Sensor. If you order those along with Temperature Measurement, they are placed in a larger box, so that the temperature sensor is isolated from the CO2 / Dust Sensor.
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