Dust Monitor (ship after 1.August)

Precise Laser Dust Particle sensor with WIFI connectivity
Due to very limited free time, i am not able to assemble any more units.
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Why Dust Monitoring?

Monitoring Dust Levels is quite important for your health. According to leading researches, there is NO safe level of Dust and each increase of the Dust Levels leads to more cases of chornic deceases. Especially in the cold seasons this can become a problem as the outside air is also quite polluted due to heating based on coal/wood etc.

Have a look also on the Dust Series blogs, that explore the topic in great detail.

Laser Dust Particle Sensor - PMS 7003

In this device i am using a Laser Dust Sensor from the company Plantower. It is quite precise and targetted to dust levels of PM2.5 paricles, which is the most common dust nowadays.


The available upgrades are:
  • 315/433 Mhz - A RF sender module is included to broadcast sensor readings
  • CO2, Temperature - See the CO2 & Dust Monitor v3 product


As part of my HA (Home Automation) Line, this device is targeted primarily to scenarios involving Home Automation and Online Monitoring. It can be configured to send the readings in various ways over Wifi:
  • Custom URL - This can point to your HA system or to some Public online Service.
  • MQTT 
  • Predefined Online Services - Pre-defined integration with Thingspeak, IFTTT, Ubidots and Dweet.io
  • Predefined HA Systems - Integration with OpenHAB, Domotica and Domoticz

There is also an optional 433 / 315 Mhz connectivity, where the data is sent over some standard protocol

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