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Cubic CM1106 NDIR CO2 Sensor
For those that are more keen on DIY work, i am offering the actual CO2 Sensor by itself. I've tried other ones, but this seems to work quite consistently so i can recommend it. The only issue is that it is hard to source it in low quantities, but since i already have enough in stock i can also resell them.

The sensor is a bit more expensive than the MH-Z19, that is available on Aliexpress. There are people that had success in using it, but at least i tried with 3 different units and they did not give consistent results, so finally when looking for other people having the same issue with them i landed on the CM1106, which did the job best.

Have in mind that this is an Auto Calibrating Sensor, that is - as long as you expose it each 3 days to fresh air it maintains automatically calibration.There is also another version that does not need this. I do not have it in stock as it is a bit more expensive, but if you are interested - let me know.

If you would like to buy more, i can give a discount of 5% for 3+ units. For bigger quantities - write me an email to vair.monitor@gmail.com

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Box For CO2 + Temp Sensor
This box gives enough space for the CO2 Sensor and temp sensor
With CDM7160 there is no temperature adjustment needed (power consumption ~25ma)
With CM1106 - the temperature increase is 0.5 degrees (power Consumption ~150 ma)
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Figaro CDM7160 Sensor - Calibration-Free

I will take some vacation for 2 weeks, so I will assemble and ship all orders in the first week of Februray

This sensor is one of the most advanced sensors on the marked today (end of 2016).Key highlights
  • Low power <10 ma (can be even less if CO2 is not measured each 2 seconds (Default)
  • Small Size
  • I2C / UART support
  • Pre-Calibrated and Calibration Free
  • 300-10,000 PPM Range
More information on offical Site
One of the most advanced sensors on the market as of 2016
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